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Zionsville, Indiana Real Estate Analysis

Welcome to Zionsville!

Zionsville is one of those rare, Midwest towns that evokes memories a more pristine, American past. With its Rockwellesque, downtown charm and upscale real estate market, owning a home in Zionsville is more than just a home, it’s an investment.


Zionsville Indiana is located on the extreme southeastern border of Boone County Indiana, immediately northwest of the Indianapolis border. Zionsville, Indiana is often referred to as an affluent suburb of Indianapolis. Its downtown area is village-style with a brick road on Main Street.


Zionsville, Indiana is a self-described “quaint village” that serves as a tourist attraction to its native Boone County. Centered around a Main Street that seeks to recapture the commercial and cultural centers of downtowns of yore, most of Zionsville’s business interests are focused on downtown Zionsville. Locally owned shops offering antiques, clothing, food, and more are located all along Main Street, in addition to a glut of Zionsville art galleries and other cultural institutions. Economic growth in Zionsville is fueled by the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce, the Zionsville Town Council, and the Zionsville Economic Development Commission.


Attractions & Things to Do

Zionsville is known for its many unique shops in its downtown area. Many blocks on the Main Street have been given to these shops in order to create a village atmosphere. These shops feature antiques, modern fashion boutiques, cafes, and more. It also has a thriving cultural community with plenty of places to have a good time.

The Munce Art Center, a part of the Sullivan Munce Cultural Center, is a cultural resource for the community offering exhibits that feature emerging regional artists. The center also includes genealogical libraries, and features special events and educational outreach programs. It is located at 205 West Hawthorne Street, Zionsville, IN 46077.
The Art in Hand Gallery, the CCA Gallery (Indiana’s longest running artists’ cooperative).
A unique form of entertainment in Zionsville is the Carter Antique Toy Museum, three stories of vintage toys and entertainment options from days gone by.
The Zion Nature Center is a fun place where kids can dress up in animal costumes, get to know rescued animals, and play with puppets.

Several fairs, festivals, and events comes through Zionsville each year.

The Brick Street Market is Zionsville’s version of a farmer’s market, featuring produce, handmade crafts, and other local favorites.
The Lincoln Park Concert Series brings live music to the sedate confines of Lincoln Park.
Zionsville is also the host of the Miss Indiana Pageant, the regional qualifying round to determine who goes on to compete for Miss America.
The Brick Street Gallery Walk offers a taste of the Zionsville art scene.
The Lions Club Fourth of July Celebration is a more traditional which featuring foods and fireworks at Lions Park
Other fun fairs and events in Zionsville include Street Dance and Taste of Zionsville, when all the Zionsville restaurants allow the public to sample their wares; the Trader’s Point Charity Horse Show, an equestrian benefit for Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis, and the Lion’s Club Fall Festival, Boone County’s largest annual festival.

Located about 17 minutes north of downtown Indianapolis, Zionsville’s exact coordinates are 39° 57′ 11″ N, 86° 16′ 10″ W. Only 5.9 square miles large, 5.8 square miles of Zionsville is land, while a miniscule 0.1 square miles (1.19%) is water.


Since Zionsville is officially a town, not a city, the community isn’t governed by a mayor. Instead, the town is run by a seven member Town Council, in addition to a Clerk-Treasurer.


Zionsville originally wasn’t supposed to be a town at all. Instead, it was created as a promotion by William Zion, a railway speculator. He and Boone County speculator Elijah Cross built a railway station on Cross’s land in Central Indiana. The railway station grew, and the town was eventually chartered in 1854; by 1860, the population had risen to 364 members. In 1861, Abraham Lincoln made a whistle stop speech in Zionsville. Zionsville remained small and sedate for the first 130 years of its existence, but by 1990 things had begun to pick up in the Central Indiana town. Nowadays Zionsville has reconfigured itself into a Small Town America tourist attraction of sorts, offering visitors a picturesque vision of what a quaint burg of Zionsville’s size should be. In January of 2010, Zionsville’s government consolidated with Eagle Township and Union Township, and the town’s limits grew to officially encompass about 50 square miles.

Notable Residents

Several famous people have come from or live in Zionsville, Indiana, many of them sports figures who use Zionsville as a bedroom community. Among the list of Zionsville famous faces are Albert Barnes Anderson, a federal judge; Ron Artest, a former Indiana Pacer whose controversial actions at a game against the Pistons sparked an infamous brawl; Tom Carnegie, a former announcer for the Indy 500; Arthur G. Hansen, a former president of Purdue University; Cory Miller, a professional soccer player; David Shumate, a poet; John Stehr, an anchorman for Channel 13 WTHR in Indianapolis; and Brad Stevens, the basketball coach for Butler University. A number of past and present Indianapolis Colts call Zionsville their home as well, including Dallas Clark (tight end), Austin Collie (wide receiver), Rob Morris (linebacker), Jeff Saturday (center), Hunter Smith (punter), and Jack Trudeau.’


Zionsville Real Estate Listings

Active Listings in Zionsville

800 Sugarbush Ridge Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 800 Sugarbush Ridge, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21570065)
4 beds 4 baths 4,069 sqft $489,999
2285 South 950 East Road Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 2285 South 950 East Road, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21570079)
3 beds 2 baths 3,332 sqft $369,900
7667 Carriage House Way Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 7667 Carriage House Way, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21568407)
4 beds 5 baths 4,293 sqft $659,900
4261 Honeysuckle Lane Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 4261 Honeysuckle Lane, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21569830)
4 beds 4 baths 4,768 sqft $439,900
6161 Eagle Lake Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 6161 Eagle Lake Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21568267)
4 beds 3 baths 4,328 sqft $359,900
6900 Oldfields Lane Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 6900 Oldfields Lane, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21567905)
5 beds 6 baths 7,799 sqft $1,499,980
4786 CLARKSTON Court Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 4786 CLARKSTON Court, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21567165)
4 beds 5 baths 5,725 sqft $599,000
11805 Avedon Way Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 11805 Avedon Way, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21567658)
3 beds 4 baths 2,606 sqft $355,000
11823 East 300 S Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 11823 East 300 S, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21565950)
6 beds 6 baths 8,158 sqft $1,195,000
11230 Aviemore Court Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 11230 Aviemore Court, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21567502)
4 beds 4 baths 5,202 sqft $600,000
6100 Irish Hill Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 6100 Irish Hill, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21567166)
4 beds 4 baths 4,235 sqft $1,185,000
7732 Eagle Crescent Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 7732 Eagle Crescent Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21566344)
4 beds 3 baths 4,390 sqft $360,000
8810 Sugar Cay Court Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 8810 Sugar Cay Court, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21566147)
5 beds 6 baths 5,763 sqft $550,000
1838 Corniche Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 1838 Corniche Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21566279)
5 beds 4 baths 4,662 sqft $540,000
7817 Parkdale Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 7817 Parkdale Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21566618)
4 beds 4 baths 3,144 sqft $305,000

Sold Listings in Zionsville

10334 Arilla Circle Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 10334 Arilla Circle, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21563007)
6 beds 6 baths 4,940 sqft $545,620
3611 Evergreen Way Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 3611 Evergreen Way, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21563875)
4 beds 4 baths 4,958 sqft $456,426
205 South Taylor Avenue Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 205 South Taylor Avenue, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21563177)
4 beds 2 baths 1,824 sqft $230,000
6298 Briargate Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 6298 Briargate Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21562746)
3 beds 3 baths 2,112 sqft $220,000
11330 Still Creek Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 11330 Still Creek Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21559259)
4 beds 5 baths 5,550 sqft $590,000
7210 West 93rd Street Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 7210 West 93rd Street, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21557767)
3 beds 3 baths 1,548 sqft $239,900
295 North 4th Street Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 295 North 4th Street, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21558381)
2 beds 2 baths 1,768 sqft $251,500
4706 Clarkston Court Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 4706 Clarkston Court, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21551226)
4 beds 3 baths 3,598 sqft $375,000
11162 Glen Avon Way Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 11162 Glen Avon Way, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21556234)
4 beds 5 baths 5,392 sqft $650,000
9485 Hunt Club Road Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 9485 Hunt Club Road, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21556961)
5 beds 5 baths 6,023 sqft $1,500,000
10520 Wildwood Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 10520 Wildwood Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21555230)
3 beds 5 baths 3,163 sqft $364,500
6715 West Stonegate Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 6715 West Stonegate Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21557003)
5 beds 5 baths 6,138 sqft $665,500
6199 Eagle Lake Drive Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 6199 Eagle Lake Drive, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21556005)
3 beds 2 baths 1,696 sqft $239,900
140 North Maple Street Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 140 North Maple Street, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21556153)
1 bed 1 bath 900 sqft $188,000
10315 Lemberger Boulevard Zionsville, IN 46077
Photo of 10315 Lemberger Boulevard, Zionsville, IN 46077 (MLS # 21554080)
3 beds 3 baths 2,296 sqft $372,865

Walk Score for Zionsville

Zionsville School Data

Zionsville School Districts

Zionsville Community Schools

Zionsville Schools

Union Elementary School
PK-4, public
Zionsville Community High School
9-12, public
Zionsville Middle School
5-8, public
Pleasant View Lower Elementary School
K-2, public
Eagle Elementary School
K-4, public
Zionsville Pleasant View Elementary School
PK-4, public
Stonegate Elementary
K-4, public
Interactive Academy Inc
PK-8, private
The Summit Academy
4-12, private